About us

Vioson Prodcomimpex is a Romanian private company. Founded in 1996, Vioson is a company focused on the production of one –off kind and small series mechanical parts and mechanical assemblies upon order. Our company performs high-precision operations of turning, milling, grinding, drilling, all kind of devices, components and welded assemblies , following the documentation made available by the client, and the documentation conducted by  our internal Design & CAD  department.

Following the customer’s documentation, the Vioson Company produces the following products in a widely varied range of complexity:
components for the automotive industry, components for machine tools, packaging machinery, transport stations and production lines (shafts, axles, supports, etc.).

The auxiliary operations (surface blasting, heat treatments, surface coating), are executed in collaboration.

With more than 20 years of experience, our team develops technology, high quality control standards and a skilled personnel. We improve permanently the quality of our services, monitoring carefully the customer’s satisfaction, the improvement of the skills of our personnel and other development of our production flow.